In life, nothing is more important than family

Divorce and other family law matters can be tough.

As such, who you choose to represent you in your family law case is an important decision that should be made with care. These cases often present more challenges than other legal issues because they can affect your relationship with your family. In a divorce, child custody disputes, enforcement actions, modifications, or parentage issues, the one constant that ties all these cases together are that your family will be forever changed by the litigation process.

At The Stout Law Firm, PLLC, our Houston divorce lawyers are committed to helping you face your family-related legal matters head-on.

We are a results-oriented firm practicing exclusively in the area of family law.

This includes divorce and the many issues that can arise as a result of divorce, such as:

The Decision to File for Divorce

Before filing for a divorce, you and your partner should be absolutely certain that your marriage is beyond repair. Initiating a divorce suit in Texas can become complicated, stressful, and expensive. We recommend seeking legal advice from a top Houston divorce lawyer during this decision-making process. An experienced divorce attorney in Houston will give you insight on the legal processes involved in the divorce, and can help you decide whether it is the best option. If a divorce is deemed necessary, you must consider the actions that follow very carefully.

Settlement, Mediation, or Trial?

In some cases, parties are able to resolve divorce suits and other family related legal matters without the need for a court hearing by participating in an informal settlement or mediation. These are fine options and can help you avoid the stress and expense which accompanies litigation/trials. However, our skilled Houston divorce attorneys are ready to take your case to trial to get the resolution you deserve.

Meet Our Attorneys

Our Houston divorce attorneys are experienced and dedicated to achieving the maximum results for you and your family.

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Katie Flynn

Katie Flynn was raised in a small town in Brazoria County, Texas and has resided in Texas her entire life. She graduated from the University of Houston in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science, focusing on child development and psychology.

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Angela Stout

Ms. Stout has practiced law since 2007, with an emphasis in representing clients in family law matters including contested custody disputes and high-asset divorce suits with complex property issues.

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Jelena Kovacevic

Jelena is client-focused and understands that each case, like each client, is different. Jelena’s practice is devoted to all areas of family law. She assists clients through complex divorce matters, high-asset property division, and contested custody litigation.

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Our Houston divorce attorneys provide a number of family law services

  • According to Texas law, children born to unwed parents do not have a legal father (a biological father is not the same as a legal father). To establish legal paternity, both parents must agree to sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP).

  • In Texas, the law recognizes there are changes in people's circumstances, personal and financial, which may warrant modifying an existing order.

  • Enforcement actions may include actions to enforce the terms of an existing order relating to possession and access or child support, the division of property, spousal maintenance or injunctions.

  • As the name suggests, pre-marital agreements are entered into prior to marriage and affect the character of certain assets and liabilities during your marriage. Post-marital agreements ensure certain property which would otherwise be characterized as community, remains a spouse’s separate property.

  • In dividing an estate upon divorce, the property will be characterized as either community or separate. Property acquired by a spouse during the marriage is presumed to be community property subject to division by the court.

  • Adoption can be an exciting journey for a family, but the legal procedures can be difficult, confusing and emotionally draining. Our lawyers are here to help guide you through this process as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


A suit for the dissolution of a marriage in Texas must be on file at least 60 days before the final judgment is entered. A suit for the dissolution of a marriage in Texas must be on file at least 60 days before the final judgment is entered. A suit…


At least one party to the suit must have lived in the state for at least six months and in the county in which the suit is being filed for 90 days prior to filing. At least one party to the suit must have lived in the state for at…




  • Angela and Stacy are awesome. They give great advice and care about their clients. Went to them on a blind recommendation and now I consider them both friends. Angela is a complete professional but knows that her clients are people and can relate on a personal level also.- Doug P.