How a Child Support Modification Lawyer Can Help Your Existing Support Order

child support modification lawyers

The Texas court system recognizes that people’s financial circumstances change, as does a family’s financial needs.

Over time people change jobs, lose jobs, earn more money, or may no longer be employed.

If the circumstance of you, your child, or the other parent, have materially and substantially changed since the rendition of your last court order, you may be entitled to modify the terms of the existing child support obligation.

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What Warrants Modification of Child Support in Texas?

Some common examples of what may constitute a material and substantial change in circumstances include:

  • Loss of employment by the parent obligated to pay support.
  • Increase in expenses required to exercise visitation due to a move by the other parent.
  • Identification of the special needs of a child that necessitate certain educational classes, training, or health care in order to meet those needs.
  • An increase or decrease of income by the party required to pay support.
  • The child now lives primarily with the parent obligated to pay support in the previous court order.

The list provided above is certainly not exhaustive of the various scenarios which may necessitate a modification of an existing court order. Each family is unique and their circumstances should be addressed individually to determine whether a Texas child support modification of the existing order is appropriate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can create a modification of a child support order?

The list of why modifications can happen for child support orders is long and each case can differ greatly. If you would like to request a child support modification, contact the Stout Law Firm today.

How can a child support modification lawyer in Houston help?

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