Galveston County Divorce Attorney

How to Find the Best Galveston County Divorce Attorney

Galveston County Divorce Attorney

Filing for divorce is never an easy process. It can be a very frustrating one if you do not have the proper guidance and representation.

At The Stout Law Firm, PLLC, we have decades of experience dealing with family law and divorce. Our dedicated divorce attorneys have the experience you need for your divorce case.

Whatever your case may be, our team is always compassioante about all matters regarding your divorce. You’ve come to the right place. Contact The Stout Law Firm, PLLC today.

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Meet Your Galveston County Divorce Attorney; Angela Stout

Angela Stout has been practicing law since 2007 where she was earned her Juris Doctorate degree from South Texas College of Law and was admitted to the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in 2015.

In addition, Ms. Stout was recently certified as a mediator from the University of Houston Law Center by the AA White Dispute Resolution Center. Angela Stout is passionate about family law matters that include child custody disputes, enforcement and modifications, child support, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, adoption matters, and other important areas of family law.

Additionally, Angela Stout serves as a member of many organizations including:

  • Houston Bar Association
  • Texas Gulf Coast Family Law Specialists
  • Burta Rhoads Raborn Family Law American Inn of Court
  • Association of Women Attorneys
  • Junior League of Houston

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Best Galveston County Divorce Attorney

The Galveston County Justice Courthouse

Galveston County Divorce Lawyer

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Galveston County has a population of 337,890 as of 2018. Also, the Galveston County courthouse is in Galveston, TX which can be found at:

Galveston County Courthouse
722 21st St,
Galveston, TX 77550
(get directions)

Interesting facts about divorces in Galveston County

Looking at the data from World Population Review we can see that there has been a steady incline in a growing population in the past decade.

Similarly, 12% of the population is divorced in Galveston County. This equates to roughly 40,547 people. This is slightly higher than the state average of 10.7%.


Population 15 years
and over
Males 15 years
and over
15 to 19 years 0%
20 to 34 years 3.4%
35 to 44 years 9.8%
45 to 54 years 16.9%
55 to 64 years 17.7%
65 years and over 12.7%
Females 15 years
and over
15 to 19 years 0%
20 to 34 years 3.2%
35 to 44 years 17.9%
45 to 54 years 18.6%
55 to 64 years 22.8%
65 years and over 15.8%

Source: United Census Bureau

Furthermore, in 2002, there was an all-time high of 85,394 divorce decrees granted and since then divorces have been decreasing.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Lawyers Serving Galveston County

Many people believe only celebrities can truly benefit from martial property agreements. Celebrity divorces are constantly in news headlines and this can give many the wrong perspective about divorce. All couples in Texas should consider if a prenuptial agreement can benefit them. These types of agreements can be made all the way up to your wedding day.

Even if a couple has already “tied the knot”,, spouses are still able to make postnuptial agreements. These agreements help you protect select interests after marriage. These types of agreements are also known as a partition and exchange agreement.

Fortunately, Texas citizens are able to take control of their martial property rights through current Texas laws. This helps you take care of how you and your spouse divide your property in the event of death or divorce. Addressing these issues may seem like an awkward task to go over with your fiancé and/or betrothed. Having this conversation can eliminate a large amount of unnecessary stress down the road.

If considering these agreements, it is very important to note that these statutes require extremely specific language to be included into the document. If mistake are made and certain language is left out when writing these documents, your rights may be at risk and the agreement may not be enforceable at all.

Learn more about how a pre-martial agreement attorney and or a postnuptial agreement attorney at Stout Law Firm, PLLC can help you. We want to help you navigate the complexities involved with divorce in Texas.

Contact a Galveston County Divorce Attorney to Discuss Your Legal Options

If you are considering, or in the middle of a divorce dispute you should meet with an experienced divorce attorney as soon as possible. Once you meet with an attorney, you will be prepared to move forward with your case and understand what your options are.

To schedule a consultation with a lawyer at The Stout Law Firm, please call us at 713-980-4300 or submit an online message. We’re here to help.