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The decision to file for divorce can be a bleak and frustrating process without proper guidance. The Stout Law Firm, PLLC has decades of legal expertise in family law matters and is dedicated to guiding you through the process after deciding to file for a divorce. With a team that is not only competent in family law matters but also passionate and compassionate with all matters regarding your divorce, you are in good hands with The Stout Law Firm.

Meet Your Montgomery County Divorce Lawyer

Angela Stout has been practicing law since 2007 where she was earned her Juris Doctorate degree from South Texas College of Law and was admitted to the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in 2015.

In addition, Ms. Stout was recently certified as a mediator from the University of Houston Law Center by the AA White Dispute Resolution Center (insert link). Angela Stout is passionate about family law matters that include child custody disputes, enforcement and modifications, child support, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, adoption matters, and other important areas of family law.

Additionally, Angela Stout serves as a member of many organizations including:

  • Houston Bar Association
  • Texas Gulf Coast Family Law Specialists
  • Burta Rhoads Raborn Family Law American Inn of Court
  • Association of Women Attorneys
  • Junior League of Houston

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Montgomery County Courthouse

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2017, Montgomery County estimated a total population of 570,934 residents. From 2012-2016 there were an estimated 179,587 households and an average of 2.87 persons within those households (U.S. Census Bureau, 2018). You can find the Montgomery County Courthouse at:

Montgomery County Courthouse
301 N Main St,
Conroe, TX 77301
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Give us a call to answer any questions you might have (936) 756-0571.

Interesting facts about divorces in Montgomery County

Total Divorces Montgomery County

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In Montgomery County there were a reported 21,952 divorces that were granted within a 13-year time period, according to Vital Statistics from the Texas Health and Human Services. An interesting point that surfaced while we gathered data pertaining to divorces in Montgomery County came between 2009-2010 where there a jump in divorces during that period. From 2009-2010 there was an increase of 272 divorces in one year.

Approved Family Help Centers

In difficult times following a divorce there are a number of resources that are there to help. Here are some trusted resources to contact:

What’s the data saying for all of Texas?

Total Divorces in Texas

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Additionally, around the state of Texas there has been a downward trend for divorces between 2001-2014. According to data, there were an estimated 1,039,147 divorce decrees granted around the state of Texas. Furthermore, in 2002, there wan all time high of 85,394 divorce decrees granted and since then divorces have been decreasing.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Lawyers Serving Montgomery County

Divorce cases of high-profile celebrities are constantly in the headlines but it is a mistake to assume that only the rich and famous can benefit from marital property agreements. Couples from all backgrounds should consider whether a prenuptial agreement may benefit them in the period leading up to their wedding day.

Even if they have been married for years, spouses who have certain interests to protect may also want to look at their options for postnuptial agreements, also known as a partition and exchange agreement.

Fortunately, Texas law allows you to take control of your marital property rights which allows you to direct how your property is divided between you and your spouse in the event of divorce or death. While addressing these issues may seem awkward with your fiancé and/or betrothed, in many instances, these crucial conversations can help protect both you and your loved one avoid unnecessary stress in the future.

However, it is important to note that these statutes do require certain language which must be included in order to ensure the prenuptial agreement and/or postnuptial agreement is enforceable. Mistakes in the agreement or the exclusion of certain key language can put your rights at risk and may impact the enforcement of the agreement.

With help from a pre-martial agreement attorney and or a postnuptial agreement attorney, you will be able to navigate the complexities of this area of the law. Reach out to an attorney at The Stout Law Firm, P.L.L.C. today so you can ensure your rights are properly protected.

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The sooner you meet with an attorney the more prepared you will be to move forward.

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